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Although this book offers a comprehensive self-treatment program, I firmly believe the best way to treat pain with intercourse is to involve a team of competent, supportive professional experts. In addition, an initial evaluation by a physician (to rule out medical sources of pain), and a consultation with a physical therapist are highly recommended (and may be necessary) before beginning this, or any other, self-treatment or exercise program.

I strongly encourage you to obtain the services of a qualified physician and women’s health physical therapist with a record of success in treating pain during intercourse to support you on your healing journey. I also urge you to seek help from a licensed professional counselor or sex therapist if you experience emotional issues related to sexuality or intimacy at any point during this program. 

Ideally, you will be able to locate these services in your neighborhood; but since that may not be the case, I’m opening my own contact list of trusted professionals to you. These physicians, therapists, and counselors are available to consult with and treat patients worldwide. Some are available via telephone and Skype sessions and all of them offer consultation and treatment through in-person office visits. Each one is well versed in pelvic pain issues and has a track record of success in treating women with pain during intercourse and/or the accompanying emotional and intimacy issues that may develop as a result. If you cannot locate a qualified professional in your area, and don’t feel supported by your current caregivers, don’t hesitate to contact them; and check my website for updates to this list. 


Physicians/Nurse Practitioners: 

  • Dr. Andrew Goldstein, MD ( – New York, NY, and Washington, DC

Physical Therapists:

Sex Therapists/Counselors:


  • Expert Compounding Pharmacy ( – Shipping available throughout the US

Additional Resources:

Additional Recommended Reading:


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