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Involuntary muscle spasms involving the superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles that typically cause painful entry, limiting or preventing intercourse, tampon insertion or pelvic exams. Women with vaginismus do not always experience "pain" and often report the feeling of their partner or a tampon "hitting a wall".

Pain is also a common presentation when partial or complete penetration occurs. It may also present as minor discomfort with tampons, pelvic exams or intercourse.

Our patients have often been told that "there is nothing physically wrong" with them or that they "are too high stress and just need a glass of wine". We feel responses like this are unacceptable and dismissive of the real physical pain that these women have.

Our goal is to dispel myths and provide accurate informaiton on vaginismus, and innovative vaginismus treatment to lead to full recovery and optimal female sexual function.

Read more about vaginismus treatment, diagnosis and recovery in our blog.

Read more about how we discuss fear and vaginismus here.

Not sure if you have vaginismus? Read more about other female sexual disorders we treat here.

To read owner Heather Jeffcoat's book Sex Without Pain: A Self Treatment Guide to the Sex Life You Deserve, click here for immediate PDF download or get on Amazon. Purchase the book plus dilators on Soul Source.

For more information on vaginismus, visit the International Pelvic Pain Society.

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