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Beck Hoehn

Beck is the founder of Mighty River Wellness, a Los Angeles-based acupuncturist focused on fertility and reproductive health and works out of our Sherman Oaks office. She studied acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas at Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine, and also served patients at the Roy and Patricia Fields Disney Cancer Center. Shortly after being in private practice, Beck received additional training in reproductive health and fertility to become a fellow with the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Since practicing for 7 years, Beck is a leading referral for local IVF clinics and has helped countless couples start their dream families.

Currently, Beck is enrolled in the doctoral program at the Pacific College of Health Sciences and also studies functional medicine and herbal formulas. When she is not at work, Beck trail runs with her horse-sized dog Clyde, works in her vegetable garden, and loves being on boats and islands.

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