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Julia Connolly

Julia Connolly, PT, DPT

Julia (she/her/hers) earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from State University of New York – Downstate Health Sciences University, Brooklyn NY. She gained experience treating many different orthopedic, cardiac, neurological, and pelvic floor conditions while working with people from all walks of life. Julia found her passion for pelvic floor and orthopedic physical therapy very early on. This was due to her own personal experience with pelvic floor dysfunction, and a life-time love for volleyball and all things fitness.

Julia prioritizes an individualized approach to all her patients. She puts emphasis on the consideration for what makes the person in front of her unique with the intention of treating the whole person, not just their impairment. She believes the therapist-patient relationship is one of a team and she works to incorporate their interests into each visit. The detective-like clinical reasoning that goes into each case is practiced with enthusiasm and curiosity. Julia incorporates the understanding that pelvic floor dysfunction is influenced by other systems of the body including the musculoskeletal and nervous system so these are addressed accordingly. Her approach utilizes manual therapy (myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, trigger point release), neuromuscular re-education, yoga, and therapeutic exercise in special combination to each case in order to optimize their treatment and help her patients get back to what they want to do as efficiently as possible.

Julia has received special training focused on pelvic floor physical therapy (Level 1, Level 2A) through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. She is working towards completing Pelvic Floor 2B in addition to becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Julia is pursuing her CAPP certification and hopes to eventually earn her Women’s Health Clinical Specialist (WCS) board certification.

In addition to her passion for pelvic floor PT, she has a passion for working with people who experience orthopedic dysfunctions including but not limited to post-op orthopedic surgeries (TKR, THR, amputation, multiple fractures, laminectomy, ACL reconstruction/repair, meniscectomy, lumbar/cervical fusions), post-traumatic orthopedic injury, repetitive stress injury, sports-related injuries, OA, dislocations, overuse injury, acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions, fibromyalgia, and patients with different combinations of the above. She believes that an individual’s body tells a story about what is demanded of the tissues and joints throughout everyday life - the patient and the therapist will work together to determine the weak links in the connected chain or unconscious movement habits that contribute to the dysfunction and pain.

Julia practices compassionate, comprehensive care and works hard for her patient’s success so that they are empowered when they leave therapy able to manage their own symptoms in order to allow them to prevent future recurrences. As a former collegiate athlete, she understands how the impact of pain can take you away from the activities you love, and how working collaboratively as a team can wield success. When she is not treating patients, you can find her on a yoga mat, on a beach volleyball court, on a hike through nature, spending time with loved ones, reading in a coffee shop, or strolling through a farmer’s market.

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